Jarrah Pollen

JARRAH POLLEN - The jarrah pollen itself is of a miracle because the pollen comes solely from the Jarrah tree which only blooms once every 2 years. The Jarrah tree grows in Australia and it is actually a species of Eucalyptus. Because this pollen comes from one species of plant it is well tolerated by most individuals, even those with pollen allergies or sensitivities.

Jarrah bee pollen is wild and ethically harvested from Jarrah trees growing in an incredible million acre preserve where conventional agricultural methods and contaminants are unknown. The bees are tended to and the pollen harvested by native aboriginal descendants living on the land thus strengthening the economy of their communities. This is very important to because the selling products is produced in an ethical and sustainable manner. Jarrah bee pollen is by no means an exception to this rule.

The bees working hard to produce this pollen are treated respectfully and kindly. They are free roaming and are given the chance every other day to keep every bit of pollen they collect. This enables them to have more than enough honey in their hive to support their well being. Not all bee pollen is created equally and we can confidently say that this is the most amazing bee pollen on the market. It is pure, fresh, and full of vitality and flavor. Once you try Jarrah Pollen you will become very picky about your bee pollen because it’s simply the best!

While Jarrah bee pollen is quite sweet and does contain a fair amount of carbohydrate, it is actually remarkably high in protein, with a protein content of 35%. It is also an incredibly complete form of protein containing all the amino acids needed by the human body including the 8 essential ones which we cannot produce internally. It is also richly abundant in nutrients including a host of minerals, a complete b-vitamin complex, enzymes and coenzymes, essential fatty acids, and fat soluble vitamins a and e. It also contains more subtle energetic plant medicine since it is virtually the reproductive substance of the tree, containing the plants energetic blueprint for life. When ingested it has both a calming effect on our nervous system all the while energizing us.


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