Floradix Kindervital (Liquid Vitamin For Children)

FLORADIX KINDERVITAL FOR CHILDREN (Natural nutrition for your children’s health) - For children, their early years are a source of delight as they explore the world around them, discovering its wonders and secrets. And as their minds and personalities grow, their bodies grow too, experiencing remarkable changes in a comparatively short period of time. These changes make huge demands on young bodies – and given the vast amount of energy children also use in play, work and activity, its no wonder that they need a constant supply of good food, as well as all the vitamins and minerals needed to ensure healthy growth.


How Kindervital works:

Kindervital contains a whole range of vital nutrients which help children to maintain strong bones and teeth, good eyesight, balance and co-ordination, as well as healthy growth and plenty of the much-needed energy required for regular exercise and proper muscle development.


Kindervital contains no less than ten essential vitamins, together with calcium. It’s also yeast-free and gluten-free, to safeguard the health of children who may suffer from allergies to such substances. Kindervital is also free from alcohol, synthetic additives, chemical preservatives and colorings. Kindervital can also be enjoyed by older members of the family, and it is ideal for vegetarians.


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