Swedish Bitters Concentrated

CONCENTRATED PURE SWEDISH BITTERS (30ml) - (also known as Swedish Herbs, non alcohol base) have been around since the middle 1500's! This mixture was invented as a digestive supplement, but its effects far outweigh the original intent a thousand fold! Swedish Bitters are one of the best known herbal remedies world wide.

The knowledge of Swedish Bitters as an herbal remedy was brought to the public's eye by writings of the famous Austrian herbalist, Maria Treben, in her book “Health Through God's Pharmacy". Maria explains how she came to use this age old remedy to treat hundreds of ailments.

It is composed of 11 herbs ~ Aloe, Myrrh, Saffron, Senna leaves, Camphor, Rhubarb roots, Zedvoary roots, Manna, Theriac Venetian, Carline Thistle roots and Angelica roots in a base of water.


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