Tissue Salts (Single)
  1. CALC. FLUOR. (Calcium Fluoride) It gives to the tissues the quality of elasticity; it combines with the organic substance, albumin to form organic elastic tissue and is found in the walls of the blood vessels, in muscular tissue, in connective tissue, in the suface of bones and in the enamel of teeth. A deficiency of Calc. Fluor. results in the loss of elasticity and consequent relaxed condition. Its main function is the preservation of the contractile power of elastic tissue. Whenever symptoms are traceable to a relaxed condition this tissue-salt is indicated. Example:- a relaxed condition of veins and arteries, piles, sluggish ciculation, a tendency to cracks in the skin, notably in the palms of the hands and between the toes.   


  1. CALC. PHOS. (Calcium Phosphate) – This is a tissue-salt concerned with nutrition. It combines with albumin and is indicated when there are albuminous discharges. Without Calc. Phos. There could be no blood coagulation. It will assist the action of a more directly indicated tissue-salt and thus produce more rapid results. It promotes healthy cellular activity and restores tone to weakened organs and tissues. This tissue-salt is concerned with the formation of bone and teeth and thus becomes an important remedy for children. It aids growth and normal development and should be given in cases of backwardness, and more particularly where there is bone weakness or recurring tooth troubles.


  1. CALC. SULPH. (Calcium Sulphate) It is a blood purifier and healer and is found in the liver where its helps in the removal of waste products from the blood stream and it has a cleansing and purifying influence throughout the system. Calc. Sulph. Cleans out the accumulation of non-functional, organic matter in the tissues and causes infiltrated parts to discharge their contents readily, throwing-off decaying organic matter so that it may not lie dormant or slowly decay and thus injure the surrounding tissues. Calc. Sulph. Is indicated in conditions arising from impurities in the blood stream. It supplements the action of Kali Mur. In the treatment of catarrh, acne, etc., and it should always be given when “pimples” occur in adolescence. It checks the weakening drain of suppuration too long continued, eg. Abscesses and wounds which will not heal readily and tend to become septic.


  1. FERR. PHOS. (Iron Phosphate) This is a pre-eminent Biochemic First-Aid. It is the oxygen-carrier. It enters into the composition of haemoglobin, the red coloring matter of the blood. It takes up oxygen from the air inhaled by the lungs and carries it in the blood stream to all parts of the body thus furnishing the vital force that sustains life. It gives strength and toughness to the circular walls of the blood vessels, especially the arteries. Freely circulating, oxygen-rich blood is essential to health and life and for this reason Ferr. Phos. should always be considered as a supplementary remedy no matter what other treatment may be indicated by the symptoms.


  1. KALI MUR. (Potassium Chloride)This remedy is for sluggish conditions. It combines with the organic substance, fibrin. Thus a deficiency of this tissue-salt causes fibrin to become non-functional and to be thrown off in the form of thick white discharges, giving rise to catarrhs and similar symptoms affecting the skin and mucous membranes. Its action is complementary to that of Calc. Sulph. As both remedies are concerned with cleansing and purifying the blood.


  1. KALI PHOS. (Potassium Phosphate) It is a nerve nutrient and the remedy for ailments of a truly nervous character. School children often need this tissue-salt because it helps to maintain a happy, contented disposition and sharpens the mental faculties.


  1. KALI SULPH. (Potassium Sulphate) This tissue-salt works in conjunction with Ferr. Phos. as an oxygen-carrier. It assists in the exchange of oxygen from the blood stream to the tissue-cells, thereby completing the respiratory process initiated by Ferr. Phos. Has a beneficial effect on respiration and is indicated in those cases where there is a feeling of “stuffiness” or desire for cool air.


  1. MAG. PHOS. (Magnesium Phosphate) This remedy is known as the anti-spasmodic tissue-salt. Its main function is in connection with the nervous system where it supplements the action of Kali Phos. When a deficiency of Mag. Phos. occurs, the white nerve fibres contract, causing spasms and cramps. This tissue-salt is of importance to muscular tissue ensuring rhythmic and coherent movement. It is quick to relive pain, especially cramping, shooting, darting or spasmodic pains.


  1. NAT. MUR. (Sodium Chloride) This is the water-distributing tissue-salt. It enters into the composition of every fluid and solid of the body. Because of its powerful affinity for water, it controls the ebb and flow of the bodily fluids. Its prime function being to maintain a proper degree of moisture throughout the system. Without this tissue-salt, cell division and normal growth could not proceed.


  1. NAT. PHOS. (Sodium Phosphate) Nat. Phos. is an acid neutralizer. It is the principal remedy for the wide group of ailments arising from an acid condition of the blood. This tissue-salt is also of important for the proper functioning of the digestive organs. The assimilation of fats and other nutrients is dependent on the action of this remedy. A defiviency allows uric acid to form salts which become deposited around the joints and tissues giving rise to stiffness and swelling, and other painful rheumatic symptoms.


  1. NAT. SULPH. (Sodium Sulphate) Nat. Sulph. regulates the density of the intercellular fluids (fluids which bathe the tissue-cells) by eliminating excess water. It largely controls the healthy functioning of the liver, and it ensures an adequate supply of free flowing, healthy bile, so necessary for the later stages of digestion. The removal of poison-charged fluids, which are the normal result of the chemical exchanges constantly taking place in the tissue-cells, is brought about by the action of nat Sulph.


  1. SILICA (Silicic Oxide) Silica is a cleaner and eliminator. It is a deep-acting remedy which helps the body to throw off non-functional organic matter that may have arrived at a given point during Nature's effort to eliminate it from the system. It can often initiate the healing process by promoting suppuration and breaking up pathological accumulations. Example: abscesses. 


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