M. Jondila

JONDILA (Dr. VcNally’s) - Is a Liver Toner designed to cover a wide spectrum of hepatic complaints. It is specially recommended in case of jaundice, liver spots, sluggish liver function, and worms. It helps digestion, checks acidity, regulates liver functions and improves appetite.


A prominent liver remedy covering many of the direct reflex symptoms of diseased conditions of that organ. Jaundiced skin and especially constant pain under inferior angle of right scapula are certain indications. General lethargy and indisposition to make any efforts, serious effusions and bilious complications during gestation are also treated by this supplement Jondila. It is also for flatulence and diarrhea of children in torpidity of liver neuralgia, general debility, convalescence, and in fully developed stage of dysentery.


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