KIBASIT - The excessive daily consumption of proteins leads to an increase in the uric acid presence in the blood and urine. When these amounts exceed what are considered to be healthy limits, the acid-base equilibrium becomes unbalanced, provoking the presence of uric acid deposits in the joints, kidneys and conjunctive tissues, later causing inflammations that produce:

  • Rheumatism
  • Arthritis
  • Arthrosis
  • Gingivitis
  • Metabolic alterations
  • Insufficient cellulary respiration

KIBASIT provides a balanced amount of sufficiently alkaline elements to the organism by means of citrates, which help neutralize anomalous symptoms such as the above-mentioned uric acid that leads to pathological situations related to the presence of tampon residues. Furthermore, recent animal research has shown that cells undergoing an acid-base imbalance acquire tumorous cell prevention of tumor development. As a result we can appreciate the importance of maintaining an acid-base equilibrium.

KIBASIT activates cellulary respiration; the organism functional capability depends mainly on the cells’ respiratory capacity that is on the amount of oxygen that it can absorb. In order to assure the cells’ respiratory capacity a reserve of alkaline substances is needed, both in the circulatory system as well as in the other tissues of the organism, which must be constant and sufficient. The organism usually acquires these necessary alkaline elements through nutrients. However, even the best and most balanced nutrients may not supply enough.

KIBASIT, as a nutrition supplement, covers this provision of alkaline substances and helps improve oxygen absorption in the cells, increasing the presence of alkaline substances in the blood.

KIBASIT improves cellulary metabolism and aids in the degradation of residues. An increase in metabolic reactions produces a lower alkaline reserve and, secondly, an increase in basic reserves (basic anions), causing what is called tampon residues. These residues are established both in the conjunctive tissue as well as in the cells that conform the blood vessels, gradually becoming sclerosed thus impeding oxygenation. This hypoxia decreases the organism’s functional capacity and the tissues’ auto-resistance.


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