Jarrah Pollen

JARRAH POLLEN - Pollen is shown to be excellent for the cure of anaemia, especially in very young children, for it’s quickly gave them an outstanding increase in red blood cells. Tired bodies were rapidly restored and in particular it had a revitalizing effect on the old, giving them a new lease of life. 

It was effective in curing chronic constipation, flatulence and infections of the colon, especially diarrhea. After severe illness or shock it was found that pollen quickly restored health and strength. What proves most gratifying about pollen is that it is not only non-additive but shows not the slightest ill or side effects from persons taking it, even over long periods. 

Pollen is an ideal body regulator in every possible way. This new food was shown to stimulate many functions of the body including the gastric system. Containing a natural antibiotic, it also controls dangerous bacteria in the intestines. The benefits experienced by persons given pollen by doctors not only consisted of restored bodily health, but also a more optimistic outlook on life, which is so often closely related to physical harmony.

Pollen in various forms may be taken daily as a food supplement for any period of time. It is considered best to take the pollen on an empty stomach before breakfast.


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