Cold Pressed Almond Oil

ALMOND OIL - Is an emollient, anti-pruritic, and laxative. It makes a very good nourishing skin cream. Its smooth massaging action on the skin helps repair degenerated dead skin cells and removes superficial hair. It is very useful for softening the skin and is the best base oil for any kind of massage. This oil is used in preparing body massage oils, creams, lotions and moisturizing products.

Sweet and raw almond oils both are abundant in Vitamin E, which is needed for proper cell function and healthy skin, hair, heart, muscles and nerves. Both oils also contain Vitamin D and other trace nutrients. The addition of almond oil makes hair silky, shiny and easy to braid. It also heals dry, chapped skin and lips, lightens dark circles under the eyes and heals irritated skin.

Pure almond oil promotes a healthy digestive system, nourishes the brain and nervous system and helps lower cholesterol. Sweet almond oil is beneficial in treating aches, pains and sore muscles and encourages relaxation.


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