Endur-Amide 500mg

ENDUR-AMIDE : Recent research has led to the development of a completely natural, inexpensive, and effective approach for the promotion of blood sugar levels within normal limits.  The use of ENDUR-AMIDE®, a uniquely formulated extended-release B vitamin (niacinamide), has been shown in clinical research to help protect the specialized cells in the pancreas, favoring a normal response to glucose metabolism and glucose disposal.

Niacinamide is present in small though essential amounts in the foods we eat.  However, levels of niacinamide in the blood must remain high throughout the day in order to ensure the benefits for healthy blood sugar levels.  

In 1989 researchers at the University of Auckland (New Zealand) requested ENDUR-AMIDE® as the control for a clinical trial involving children. The researchers were having limited success with multiple daily doses of plain nicotinamide tablets because compliance with such a regimen proved difficult.

Thanks to the unique wax matrix process of ENDUR-AMIDE® that ensures uniform, continuous release of niacinamide from the tablet during its 6 - 8 hour transit time through the digestive system. ENDUR-AMIDE® allowed the study subjects to continue the planned regimen using fewer tablets per day while maintaining elevated blood levels of nicotinamide.

ENDUR-AMIDE® tablets are currently being used in multi-center trials around the world thanks to the favorable delivery system and positive results achieved in New Zealand.

The optimum dosage was 1500 mg of ENDUR-AMIDE® daily.  500mg with each meal.


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