Karawila Capsule

KARAWILA CAPSULE - This high quality capsules contain a pure concentrated cold extract, produced using a special process which ensures the retention of all active ingredients of the fresh Karawila juice, dried on vegetable pulp. Karawila (Mormodica charantia, Linn), Sinhalese Karawila, Tamil Karella, and Sanskrit Karavalli. Karawila is a reputed ayurvedic supplement, for non insulin dependent diabetics by ayurveda physicians.

The fruit is commonly called bitter gourd is a highly sought after vegetable, while it fruit, and juice extract is bitter and in the Ayurveda and traditional medical practice of the orient and Carribbean is believed to have anti-helminthic, anti diabetic, cardiotonic, and laxative properties. It is also used as a digestive stimulant.

Recent scientific studies show that Karawila improves glucose tolerance in diabetes. As a supplement, Karawila provides the body with the nutritional support to promote well being and good health.


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