L-Arginine SR (350mg)

L-ARGININE (Slow Release 350mg) - L-Arginine, more commonly referred to as simply arginine, is an amino acid that has enormous effects on health of the lining of the arteries, the endothelium. It was in the early 1990's that scientists discovered that arginine is essential in the production of a gas, nitric oxide, in the endothelium that keeps the arteries flexible and elastic, what doctors call "compliant." Literally thousands of papers have been written in the medical literature on the importance of nitric oxide and arginine.

Compliant arteries are capable of expanding to allow for whatever amount of blood flow the body requires. Noncompliant arteries gradually stiffen, losing their ability to dilate to accommodate that blood flow. The results are insufficient blood supply to the body’s tissues, increase in blood pressure, and eventually hypertension.

Recognizing the importance of arginine in nitric oxide (NO) production in the endothelium, researchers studied the effects of supplementing the amino acid. Arginine was given to test patients either in large oral doses or, more commonly, by intravenous infusion to keep a high level of the nutrient in the bloodstream. That was essential, since (NO) is produced, does its work, and disappears in a fraction of a second. A dose of arginine even an hour after ingestion as an oral supplement would not have an effect on nitric oxide production and arterial compliance and blood flow. Thus ordinary arginine supplements are not of much value.

Research done at the University of Texas proved that a sustained-release formulation of arginine did, indeed, increase blood flow through the arteries and to the muscle of the heart and promote healthy blood pressure. The latest generation of sustained-release arginine provides even greater consistency of levels of the amino acid in the bloodstream over time. EP® L-Arginine SR employs the sustained-release formulation developed by and unique to Endurance Products Company. No other arginine formulation can compare.


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