Honey Blue Borage

HONEY BLUE BORAGE - Is a yellow gold color with a light clean taste, a floral bouquet and lemon characteristics. It is high in fructose which makes it slow to crystallize. It is delicious in tea or coffee and in honey tastings it is often among the favorites by men, although also enjoyed by women. Blue borage (Echium vulgare) honey is also known as Borage honey.

This should not be confused with honey made from Borage (Borago officinalis), a commercially grown plant used for seed oil, nor with honey from Purple Viper’s Bugloss (Echium plantagineu), popularly known in Australia as Patterson’s Curse.

Blue Borage Honey is a wild plant that enjoys dry meadows and fields, waste places and roadsides. It grows tall and its beautiful blue wildflowers – rarely white or pink – flower from late spring to mid-summer. A member of the Borage family, it is native to southern Europe but is found in most countries from United States to New Zealand. It is often one of the many blossoms contributing to multifloral honeys from around the world, but in single flower honeys where it accounts for at least 45% of the content.

New Zealand is the primary source of this particular borage specie. Mainly from the Southern island of New Zealand, where it grows wild in the dry mountain’s valleys, and mountain sides during the summer months. This pure environment is ideal because of the low risk of pesticide and chemical contamination.


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