FEVERFEW - The health benefits of feverfew are many. It can be used in the prevention of headaches, migraines, arthritis, fevers, muscle stress and pain, to reduce blood pressure, decrease stomach irritation, arouse the appetite, and to enhance digestion and kidney function. It is sometimes suggested for illnesses such as tinnitus, dizziness, colitis, and menstrual difficulties. In terms of feverfew, it treats the reason for the headaches rather than just the discomfort.

Feverfew may decrease the severity and frequency of headaches. It might be more efficient than other anti-inflammatory such as aspirin, for instance. It functions to inhibit serotonin and prostaglandins from being released, both of which are inflammatory chemicals considered to lead to migraines. By inhibiting these amines as well as the creation of the substance known as histamine, this plant can help to control inflammation and stop blood vessel spasms which might lead to headaches. Since it controls the inflammation, it prevents any constricting of the blood vessels in the head which can also lead to headaches.

Menstrual cramps happen once the uterine lining creates too much prostaglandin, a hormone that may cause pain and irritation. Feverfew may be a useful herb to have around to help ease menstrual cramps as well. This is due to the fact that it could help restrict how much prostaglandin is being released.

Feverfew helps to relieve inflammation and pain associated with arthritis. It’s recognized that compounds in feverfew may decrease the body’s creation of materials that initiate and lengthen inflammation, which is the body’s reaction to discomfort, harm, or disease. Inflammation generally contains pain, redness, and swelling in the place it is occurring, and it may happen on the inside of our body’s tissues as well as on the outside of the skin.

Compounds in feverfew are believed to keep the parts of the blood known as platelets from being able to release inflammatory materials. Feverfew might also decrease the body’s generation of prostaglandins, as mentioned above. Prostaglandins are hormone-like materials produced within your body that take part in several of the body’s functions such as blood pressure, blood vessel tone, inflammation, not to mention temperature. Many of these could help alleviate migraines, arthritis, and fever.


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