FENUGREEK - Is a bitter herb that increases milk-flow, stimulates the uterus, soothes irritated tissues, lower fever, reduces blood sugar, improves digestion, promote hair growth, (especially in men). The seeds are rich in mucilage (glactomannans), lipids, protein, protease inhibitors. Various steroid saponins are present (aglycone), furostanol glycosides, small amount of alkaloid and steroidal peptide.

Fenugreek is used internally for a variety of problems such as to treat diabetes in adults, poor digestion, gastric inflammation, digestive disorder and tuberculosis. It is also used for painful menstruation, labor pain and insufficient milk forming in the breast of lactating mothers. Men on the other hand benefit from it for loss of libido, painful testicles and premature ejaculation. It is often used for weight loss, anorexia and for poor appetite.

In TCM it is used for kidney related pain, such as back ache, hernia and edema of the legs. In Ayurvedic practices it is used for rejuvenation and as an aphrodisiac, as well as for digestive and bronchial complaints, gout and arthritis.


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