Burdock Root

BURDOCK ROOT - Are native to Europe and Northern Asia, but also grows in the United States. It is a relative of the Feverfew, Dandelion, and many other biennial thistles in the daisy family. Even though people use different parts of the burdock plant to induce various effects, its main healing qualities are in the root. The burdock root has vital ingredients such as calcium, arcigen, flavonoids, chlorogenic acid, potassium, and a host of other elements that are helpful to the body. Furthermore, the root also has an ample amount of vitamin C, chromium, magnesium, and trace amounts of organic mercury, which can make a good detoxifying formula.

The root is popular for its blood purification abilities. Burdock has several nutrients like iron and beneficial oils that boost the immune system. Many nutrients in this root enhance its diuretic ability, promote cleansing of blood, and therefore, enhance your overall body wellness. Polyacetylenes that are abundant in this root have potent antifungal and antimicrobial properties, and thus protect your body against harm.

Burdock root is a very effective when it comes to managing or treating chronic skin problems. It has detoxifying effect, and increased blood circulation to the epidermal tissues helps to destroy fungus, and bacterial cultures present under your skin. This helps you to prevent or cure serious skin disorders such as boils, carbuncles, psoriasis, and even acne. It can also help you to manage ailments such as eczema is a safe and natural way.

Burdock also has ample amounts of Vitamin C. This nutrient is potent skin cleanser that helps to restore scaly skin and for managing skin ulcers. If you have a rough and or oily skin, burdock root remedy can help your smooth your skin, have a clear complexion and, regain your youthful look. It directly affects the sebaceous glands on your skin, enhances proper flow of sebum, and therefore, protects your skin from harsh environmental conditions.


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