Essential Oil

ESSENTIAL OIL – (Essential oils are extracted from flowers; herbs; spices; woods and fibres, usually by distillation, expression and solvent extraction).

Basil Sweet (15ml), Cypress (15ml), Chamomile (7.5ml), Jasmine (7.5ml), Frankincense (10ml), Ylang Ylang (15ml), Bergamot (30ml), Black Pepper (30ml), Cedar Wood (30ml), Cinnamon (30ml), Citronella (30ml), Clove Bud (30ml), Eucalyptus (30ml), Fennel Seed (30ml), Geranium (30ml), Ginger (30ml), Grapefruit (30ml), Jasmine Fragrance (30ml), Lavender (30ml), Lemon (30ml), Lemon Grass (30ml), Nutmeg (30ml), Wintergreen (30ml), Sage Dalmation (30ml), Rosemary (30ml), Peppermint (30ml), Sweet Orange (30ml).


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