Brewer's Yeast

BREWER’S YEAST - Is inactive yeast, meaning the yeasts have been killed and have no leavening power. It is the yeast remaining after beer making. It is used as a nutrient supplement to increase the intake of B vitamins. Brewer's yeast comes powdered (the most potent form), in flakes (best for health shakes), and in tablets.

Brewer's yeast has been a staple of the health food industry since its inception. The famous health teachers all advocated brewer's yeast in one form or another because it is rich in the B-complex vitamins and other nutrients that were not available as purified nutrients in the past. Brewer's yeast still may contain nutrients that we have yet to discover. Just about every ailment imaginable can be cured by brewers yeast, according to some.

Brewer's yeast, which has a very bitter taste, is recovered after being used in the beer-brewing process. Brewer's yeast can also be grown specifically for harvest as a nutritional supplement. Beer yeast is contaminated with beer flavor compounds, most notably hops, and is limited in their application for yeast extract production. They can, however, be used in some qualities of commercial yeast extract.

These extracts are used both to provide specific nutrients to human and animal food, and also to enhance flavor. The nutritional value of yeast extracts makes a good bacterial growth medium. In some markets, particularly Australia and the UK, specific human foodstuffs (Vegemite and Marmite) have been developed from brewer's yeast and have provided a convenient sink for surplus yeast. It is a good source of Chromium and has been studied extensively for its medicinal properties. Chromium works to lower insulin levels and in fighting diabetes. It also has several other minerals including selenium, zinc, phosphorus, and magnesium.


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