Blood Sugar Support

BLOOD SUGAR SUPPORT – (Formulated to assist promotion of Healthy Blood Sugar Levels).

Low blood sugar can affect many people and is a condition that is not only restricted to those suffering from diabetes. Whilst maintaining balanced blood sugar levels is often a major issue for diabetes sufferers, it can also be a problem for other individuals for a number of reasons, including poor diet and stress.

When blood sugar levels drop too low it can lead to feelings of dizziness, peaks and troughs in energy levels, and even the possibility of fainting. Eating regular meals will help to keep blood sugar levels balanced, as will eating the right types of food. Avoiding food and drink that is high in sugar will stop the body from experiencing the highs and lows that occur when blood sugar levels fluctuate.

It is important to eat the foods that release sugar slowly into the bloodstream, such as bananas, as these foods will help to keep energy levels constant throughout the day. Taking this Blood Sugar Support supplement will also assist the body in maintaining balanced blood sugar levels.


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