Floradix Liquid Calcium

FLORADIX LIQUID CALCIUM (Helps build and maintain strong bones and teeth. Helps to maintain normal muscle function and regulate blood clotting) - Calcium is a major component of bones and teeth- contributing to their strength. A lack of calcium in the diet can lead to osteoporosis, which is a weakening on the bone structure. Calcium also helps to maintain normal muscle function and plays a role in neurotransmission. It also helps to regulate blood clotting and helps to maintain a normal digestive system.

Floradix Liquid Calcium offers an easily absorbed liquid solution designed to address the many issues associated with calcium deficiency. Despite the abundance of dietary calcium in products such as milk, cheese, fish, apples, prunes, cabbage, broccoli, nuts and tofu, it is very difficult for the human body to assimilate an adequate amount of calcium from diet alone. Even in North America, calcium deficiency is all too common and is responsible for more than 150 different negative health conditions including osteoporosis, which results in weak, fragile bones caused by low bone mass and deterioration of bone tissue. Loss of bone density often affects the elderly, however, this condition may often commence around the age of 30. That’s why you need to maintain adequate bone mass throughout your life by taking a properly prepared supplement that offers maximum absorption and is safe for long-term use.

  • Floradix Liquid  Calcium is an all natural, scientifically prepared solution that allows approximately 98% of the elemental calcium to be quickly absorbed by the body – unlike mineral calcium in tablet or capsule form which is less bioavailability and needs to first be broken down in the digestive tract.
  • Every 20 ml serving (marked line on cap) provides 200 mg of elemental calcium (equivalent to 2244 mg of compound calcium gluconate and calcium lactate).
  • Calcium gluconate and calcium lactate are selected as they are the most soluble organic forms of calcium suitable for use in liquid solutions and are highly soluble throughout the digestive tract.
  • Calcium gluconate is 30 times more soluble than inorganic calcium carbonate.
  • Unlike many forms of calcium, calcium gluconate and calcium lactate are able to utilize both types of absorption sites in the small intestine - active transport sites located at the beginning of the small intestine and passive diffusion sites located in the more alkaline environment at the end of the small intestine.
  • Thoughtfully prepared in a natural and delicious fruit juice base along with aqueous herbal extracts and bottled in recyclable glass.
  • All vegetarian and vegan liquid formula.
  • Free of wheat, yeast, dairy, lactose, alcohol, artificial additives and preservatives.
  • Certified Kosher

Floradix Liquid Calcium Liquid is a factor in maintaining good health and supports the calcium needs of men, women and children. Helps in normal development and maintenance of strong bones and teeth. Adequate calcium intake, when combined with sufficient vitamin D, a healthy diet and regular exercise, may reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis. May also assist the body in dealing with leg cramps, sleep disturbances or PMS symptoms. Floradix Liquid Calcium is the ideal addition to the Floradix Calcium Magnesium tonic if higher quantities are desired to help with bone density.


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