BeGreen (Dried Juice from Young Barley Grass)

BEGREEN – Dried Juice from Young Barley Grass.

Barley Grass is a powder produced from the juice of the young barley grass containing a wealth of nutrients – vitamins, minerals, live enzymes, superoxide dismutase, chlorophyll, proteins, strong alkaline pH and other nutrients. It is blended with powdered organic brown rice – a rich source of vitamin B1, B2, nicotinic acid and linoleic acid. Because Barley Grass is a high quality, balanced natural green food product, it helps the body to BALANCE, CLEASE, and HEALS itself. A healthy body repels disease and enables one to enjoy life.

After 25 years of intensive research on over 400 kinds of plants, Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara a noted researcher in Japan, found that the young Barley Grass was an extremely rich source of the broad spectrum of nutrients needed by the human body. He says; “My research has shown that the Green Grass of the embryonic barley plants contain the most prolific balanced supply of nutrients that exist on the earth in a single source – the nearest thing this planet offers to a perfect food.” Barley Grass is entirely organic and completely free from pesticides, chemicals or preservatives. It has been used in Japan by over 2 million people for over many years and in USA, without any ill effects.

Barley Grass is a natural food, so it will not react with medications taken. You may mention to your doctor the fact that you are taking Barley Grass as it may be possible that dosage for water pills or potassium pills can be reduced, but DO NOT EVER DO IT ON YOUR OWN !!!. People with advanced kidney disease should obtain clearance from their doctor before taking Barley Grass, because of the high potassium content.

VITAMINS and MINERALS – concentrated 30 times. Barley Grass is a nature’s balance of 16 vitamins and 23 minerals, all of which are still in their raw, naturally chelated and ionized form.

POTASSIUM – Contains so much that many people note a diuretic effect like “water pills”. This is frequently followed by lowering of an elevated blood pressure.

ENZYMES – There is no function of the human body that does not require an enzyme that does nor suffer if their supply is insufficient or that will not cease in their absence. The juice from the young barley plants contains several hundred types of enzymes corresponding to those found in the human body cells and very high amounts of the three especially important ones – SOD, P4, D1, and nitrate reductase.

SOD – (Superoxide dismutase) protects the body generic material (DNA) from the injury by free radicals. This protective action probably helps retard aging and theoretically might retard the development of cancerous changes in the cells.

P4, D1 – Suppresses stomach and duodenal inflammation and pancreatitis. It is also anti-inflammatory conditions. It stimulates DNA repair – the only substance, natural or synthetic that has ever been shown to.

NITRATE REDUCTASE – Seventy percent of carcinogens are nitric compounds, which are petroleum solvents. This enzymes has been proven to act as an antidote to these poisonous nitro – compounds.

CHLOROPHYLL – Deodorizes detoxifies and aids healing. It also appeals to help allergies, build the blood, and help in the blood sugar conditions. The chlorophyll in barley grass is so “alive” it will still photosynthesize!

ALKALINITY – Of all foods, the barley grass is the most alkaline (66.4%). It helps to neutralize the acidity caused by eating excess meats, starches, sugars, soft – drinks, and preserved foods

THE RICHEST FORM OF NUTRIENTS - Live green barley juice – potent yet palatable is spray – dried to a powder, locking its healing power into modern form. Here is a convenient way to improve the deteriorated diet of the fast – food culture; a fast food that is totally unadulterated, and yet the most potent natural combination of five essential nutrients: vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins and chlorophyll. The juice of young barley, when compared to wheat grain, contains 5 times the protein, 26 times as much potassium, 25 times as much calcium, 4 times the amount of vitamin B1, 100 times the amount of vitamin C, and 20 times the vitamin E.

The young barley powder contains 15 times as much protein as an equivalent amount of milk, 13 times as much carotene as that of carrots, and 15 times the iron of spinach. Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara, recipient of Japan’s top science and technology award for 1987, has been studying for over 30 years the curative power of barley juice. His search for a nutritional source that could have enzymatic action to help counter aging and disease was encouraged by the International Foundation For Preventive Medicine.

His research, published, presented, and documented by other experts all over the world, shows that the essence of young barley “promotes the best functioning of the body rather than targeting a specific condition or symptom as most drugs do”. It may be effective against obesity, asthma, eczema, and other skin problems, anemia, reduced constipation, lumbago, gastritis, diabetes, both high and low blood pressure, heart disease, nephrosis, hepatitis, and other forms of disease.


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