Marie Treben Herbs (Stinging Nettle)

Marie Treben Herb STINGING NETTLE (Urtica dioica). Common Name: Greater Nettle.

Everything of the Nettle; stems, leaves, flowers and roots, has medicinal properties. Stinging Nettle is the best blood cleansing and blood building herb for eczema and headache. Since the cause of eczema often lies internally, it has to be treated internally with blood cleansing herbs. Stinging Nettle has a good influence over the pancreas; it assists in lowering the blood sugar. It remedies disorders and inflammation of the urinary passage and suppression of urine. It stimulates the movement of the bowel and is therefore recommended as a spring course of treatment.

The Stinging Nettle tea is drunk without sugar and does not taste too badly. In herbal medicine, Stinging Nettle tea drunk during a 4 weeks period, is used for liver, gallbladder and spleen disorders, even for a tumor in the spleen, for stomach cramps and ulcers, ulcers in the intestines, congestion of the lungs or stomach and lungs disorders. Do not boil the tea, it would destroy valuable substances. Drink 1 cup a day all year round as a prophylactic. It is also beneficial for viral diseases and bacterial excretions. For certain age on the body has less iron and there are symptoms of fatigue and exhaustion; one feels old and less efficient. The Stinging Nettle with iron content is used with great success and after a period energy, vitality and bodily well-being is experienced.

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