Marie Treben Herbs (Speedwell)

Marie Treben Herb SPEEDWELL (Veronica officinalis). Common Names: Veronica, Bird’s Eye, Ground-Well and Common Speedwell.

Speedwell likes dry ground and grows in woods, copses, heaths, hedgerows, edges of woodlands and paths, It has a creeping, hairy stem with little finely-toothed silvery leaves and clusters of light-blue to purplish flowers. The time of flowering is May to August and the flower-heads are gathered. Most effective are those plants which grow on the edge of woods and under oaks.

This traditional herb is a favorite addition to teas that cleanse the blood and together with fresh Stinging Nettle tops it heals chronic eczema. It is especially recommended for senile pruritis. Weak people tolerate it as a stomachic of gentle action which also stimulates digestion. Fluids and mucus in the stomach and intestinal disorders are eliminated. Speedwell is efficacious for old, dry bronchitis. For chest complaints, a tea is made from an equal proportions mixture of lungwort (Pulmonaria officinalis), Coltsfoot, Plantain and Speedwell, sweetened with honey or raw sugar.

Speedwell has a great medicinal value for nervousness caused by mental over exertion. One cup drunk before going to bed, through its soothing effect, it is highly beneficial. It is recommended that this soothing tea to people who have to work a lot with their head. It brings good memory and disperses dizziness. Mixed with Celery roots, it rectifies weak nerves as well as depression. Even for jaundice and gravel in the bladder, rheumatic and gout pain in the limbs, Speedwell is very effective.

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