Marie Treben Herbs (Mistletoe)

Marie Treben Herb MISTLETOE (Viscum album). Common Names: European Mistletoe and Birdlime Mistletoe.

The well known Mistletoe, an evergreen, parasitic plant, grows on deciduous trees and pine trees in a ball-like bush and is an excellent medicinal herb one should not do without. The evergreen, leathery leaves are of a yellow-green color. The berries are whitish, somewhat opaque and sticky.

Mistletoe, an old magic and medicinal plant, is shrouded in mystery. The Druids held it in great reverence as a sacred plant that could remove every ill. It is used as an excellent and effective remedy for epilepsy, chronic cramps and hysterical complaints.

Mistletoe also benefits the whole glandular system it also aids metabolism. At the same time it favorably influences the pancreas so that through drinking Mistletoe tea over a long period, diabetes loses it original cause. Especially people who suffer from chronic metabolic disorders should try to drink Mistletoe tea regularly for six months. It is also excellent for hormonal imbalance. In this case at least 2 cups a day, one in the morning and one in the evening, are sipped.

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