Marie Treben Herbs (Horsetail)

Marie Treben Herb HORSETAIL (Equisetum arvense). Common names: Shave-Grass, Peterwort, Dutch Rushes and Bottle-Brush.

Horsetail grows in fields, on hedge banks and railway embankments. The ones growing on pure clay soil have the greatest healing qualities. Depending on the place it grows it has 3 to 16% of silicic acid which makes it so valuable. Of course the Horsetail growing on chemically fertilized ground should not be used.

Horsetail was much esteemed in old times, especially for its blood-staunching effect and it success in kidney and bladder trouble. Horsetail is of great value; it cleanses, clears up and burns away everything bad, so to speak. Often the moist, warm plant is placed into moist cloths and applied to the affected parts.

People of a certain age should drink a cup of Horsetail tea every day all year round and all pain caused by rheumatism, gout and nerves would disappear.

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