Marie Treben Herbal Mixture #83

Marie Treben Herbal Mixture #83

A good double handful of Horsetail is put into a sieve and this is placed over a pot of boiling water (a double boiler can be used). The soft, hot herbs are placed between a piece of linen and applied to the tumor, growth, cyst, ulcer, adenoma, melanoma, papilloma, or h(a)ematoma. In very serious cases the application of the poultice is started in the morning while the person is still in bed and left on for 2 hours. In the afternoon it is applied again while in bed for 2 hours, and again overnight. During midday Swedish Bitters as a compressed is applied for 4 hours.

First the area is smeared with lard or Calendula ointment are applied and covered with a piece of plastic and finally well wrapped with a cloth, After removal of the compress the skin has to be powdered to prevent the development of rash.

For tumors, ulcers and growths which are external, fresh Plantain and Cow-Parsnip leaves are applied as a poultice. Regularly and continuously applied, these poultices can bring about an improvement on the 5th day and a result after 10 to 14 days. The freshly pressed juice or Wood Sorrel (the leaves are washed and still wet put in the juice extractor) rubbed on the affected area is effective.

1 cup of Horsetail tea is drunk half an hour before breakfast and another cup half an hour before the evening meal. 1 and half to 2 liters of tea made from 300gm Calendula, 100gm Yarrow and 100gm Stinging Nettle (well mixed) are drunk during the day. 3 to 5 drops of Wood Sorrel juice are added per cup of this tea. 6 times a day, if possible, a cup of the tea is taken in intervals of one hour.

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