Marie Treben Herbal Mixture #79

Marie Treben Herbal Mixture #79INGREDIENT: 20gm Wormwood, 30gm Stinging Nettle, 20gm Speedwell, 30gm Elder Shoots, 15gm St John Wort, 25gm Bedstraw, 30gm Calendula, 15gm Dandelion Roots, 25gm Yarrow, 30gm Greater Celandine and 25gm Goat’s Beard.

1 heap teaspoon of this herb mixture per cup of water used during the day, at least 2 liters are sipped. It is important to use all or at least some of these herbs in their fresh state. Since most cases of leukemia, the cause is found in the spleen, 6 sips of Calamus root tea have to be taken, 1 level teaspoon of Calamus roots is soaked overnight, warmed and strained the next morning. A sip is taken before and after each meal. 3 teaspoons (up to 3 tablespoonfuls can be given) of Swedish Bitters are diluted with 3 cups of herb tea and apart of it is drunk half and hour before and after each meal.

Swedish Bitters as a compress is applied to the region of the liver and spleen for 4 hours and warm horsetail poultices are recommended. All acid fruit and juices, such as orange, lemon, grapefruit as well as salty and spicy food, sausages, fat meat should be avoided. Any amount of stewed apples can be eaten.

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