Marie Treben Herbal Mixture #69

Marie Treben Herbal Mixture #69 – INGREDIENT: 10gm Dandelion, 30gm Hawthorn, 10gm Calamus, 10gm Irish Moss, 20gm Mistletoe, 10gm Knotgrass, 10gm Rue, 10gm Shepherd’s Purse, 20gm Yerba Mate, 10gm Hemp Nettle, 10gm Arnica, 10gm Lesser Burnet, 10gm Silverweed, 10gm Fumitory, 10gm Yarrow, 10gm Rest-Harrow, 10gm Motherwort, 10gm Couch Grass, 10gm Burdock, 10gm Bladder Wrack, 10gm Beanpods, 10gm Balm Mint, 10gm Horsetail and 10gm Frangula Bark.

These herbs are mixed well and 1 heaped teaspoon per cup is used, steeped in cold water overnight and slightly heated the next morning. A cup of this tea sweetened with a teaspoonful of honey is drunk daily in the morning and evening for heart and circulation disorder.

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