Marie Treben Herbs (Bedstraw)

Marie Treben HerbsBEDSTRAW (Gallium). Common names: Clivers, Goosegrass, Yellow Bedstraw, Maud’s Hair, Cheese Rennet, Hedge Bedstraw and Lady’s Bedstraw.

Bedstraw tea rids the liver, Kidney, pancreas and spleen of toxic wastes. When suffering from a disorder of the lymphatic system, one should drink this tea daily. It is also beneficial for anaemia, dropsy and stitch in the side. Use externally this tea is of benefit in many skin disorders, wounds, boils and blackheads. It makes an excellent wash for the face as it tightens the skin. The freshly pressed juice of Bedstraw, can be brushed on the affected parts of the skin and let to dry, is very beneficial.

In popular medicine, Bedstraw is recommended for epilepsy, hysteria, St. Vitus dance, nervous complaints, suppressed urine, gravel and stones. For goiter, gargling with this tea throughout the day is effective. A woman had not only lost the goiter, and her thyroid gland is now also working normally. Bed straw was very esteemed by women for disorders of the uterus. To ease child-birth, it was laid in the bed in their difficult hours.

Constriction of the vocal chord could be caused by virus. Gargling and rinsing with Bedstraw tea brings swift relief. Bedstraw mixed in equal proportion with Golden Rod and Yellow Dead Nettle to be infused as a tea, and half a cup is taken on an empty stomach 30 minutes before breakfast. Then the rest is sipped throughout the day. It is a good remedy for serious kidney disorders.

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