Marie Treben Herbal Mixture #65

Marie Treben Herbal Mixture #65 INGREDIENTS: Avens, Blackberry Leaves, Blueberry Leaves, Golden Fingergrass and Green Beanpods.

Our diet of too much and wrong type of food is often the cause of diabetes illness, especially in children. Yes, not only adults, but many children as well suffer from a disorder of the pancreas and are diabetic. It means a restriction in the pleasures of childhood, observing a strict diet and injecting insulin twice a daily. Since many diseases of our time show that easy circumstances are not always good for us. We should tighten the belt and eat more wholesome food.

Pointing out remedies which stimulate the pancreas that can take away the cause of diabetes, diabetes can rather quickly be remedied with tea made from the following herbs: 3 parts Avens (Geum alpine), 1 part Blackberry leaves, 1 part Blueberry leaves, 3 parts Golden Fingergrass (Potentilla aurea or Pontentilla reptens) and 2 parts dried Green Beanpods. 1 level teaspoon of this mixture is used on 1 cup of boiling water and infused for 3 minutes. Daily amount to use is 1 half to 2 half liters.

The curative properties of Blueberry leaves depend on the time of gathering, and should be only be gathered before the fruit ripens. This method had been clinically proven for diabetes remedy. Blueberry leaves before the fruits ripen, contain Myrtillin which not only reduces the blood sugar and at the same time remedies the illness. The Myrtillin contained in the leaves is called ‘vegetable insulin’. Despite the excellent properties of Blueberry leaves, treatment with this tea should only be undertaken under medical supervision.

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