Maria Treben Herbs (Dead Nettle Flower)

Marie Treben Herbs – DEAD NETTLE FLOWER (Lamium galeobdolon). Common names: Yellow Archangel, Dummy Nettle, Weazel Snout.

This plant grows in damp woods, in shady hedgerows, in waste places, quarries and wherever the Stinging Nettle grows. From the branched root stock the erect stems grow to a height of 50 cm. The pair of oval shaped, crenated leaves is placed exactly at right angles to the one above and below. The yellow flowers are arranged in whorls or rings in the axle of the leaves. The flowers and leaves are gathered.

Yellow Dead Nettle as well as White Dead Nettle (Lamium album) is valuable medicinal herbs. The latter flowers from May to December and is found as a common weed along paths, in waste places and on railway embankments. The leaves and especially the flowers are gathered. A tea is beneficial in abdominal and menstrual complaints, if 2 cups are sipped during the day. It cleanses the blood and is an effected remedy for sleeplessness and for diverse female troubles. People suffering from continual abdominal complaints and young girls should value this tea.

The leaves and flowers of the Yellow Dead Nettle are used for similar complaints, but especially for scanty or burning urine, bladder trouble, serious kidney disorders and fluid retention in the heart. The flowers are used for digestive troubles, scrofula and skin rashes and 1 cup of this tea is drank during the morning. For ulcers and varicose veins compresses made from the infusion are beneficial.

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